Some Bricks Do, In Fact, Hang in the Air

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Some Bricks Do, In Fact, Hang in the Air
Some Bricks Do, In Fact, Hang in the Air

Your progress along the rather narrow (and strangely one-way) path is briefly interrupted when you clonk your head against a low-hanging brick, which is somehow hovering in mid-air a few feet off the ground.

Growling angrily, you punch the brick, momentarily forgetting how much you like your knuckles unbroken. Fortunately, it offers little resistance -- it bounces slightly in the air, producing a strange bloodle-doop! noise, and a red-and-white flower grows out of it.

What the hell is wrong with this place?

You suddenly feel less lucky.

Fireflower.gifYou acquire an item: fire flower

Occurs at The Fungus Plains while Lucky!



  • The name of this adventure comes from a well-known line in The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams - "The ships hung in the air in much the same way that bricks don't."
  • The adventure refers to the original Super Mario Bros. which features hovering bricks that can occasionally be smashed for power-ups such as fireflowers, as well as the annoyance that once you've moved the screen forward, you cannot move back, thus the "strangely one-way" path.