Solid gold rosary

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solid gold rosary
solid gold rosary

This rosary was apparently once owned by a knight who fought in the Crusades, became extremely rich from plunder and essentially invented banking, and then paid for his brother to become Pope. So it's basically a holy relic, at least if you're a rich person.

Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

(In-game plural: solid gold rosaries)
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Item number: 7149
Description ID: 759330205
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Obtained From

Paul's Boutique (5 odd silver coins)

When Used

You absent-mindedly fidget with the rosary as you wander through the Cyrpt. You start to notice the beads growing warmer as you do, and if their horrified expressions are any indication, the skeletons and zombies and various other undead menaces skulking in the shadows have noticed it too! You start speaking in tongues as your ministrations grow ever more frantic, and eventually the rosary becomes too hot to touch, so you throw it to the ground, where it explodes in a burst of white light.

The entire Cyrpt feels safer than it did before.

If The Cyrpt has not yet been unlocked or has already been undefiled:

You fiddle around with the rosary a little, but you're not feeling like there's much evil surrounding you, so it's kind of a waste of time..


Reduces the level of evil in each part of the Cyrpt by 4-5, just like quasireligious sculpture.