So Much Holiday Fun!

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So Much Holiday Fun!

So Much Holiday Fun!

You feel fantastic! You'll probably never feel as good as how you do right now, except when you think of how felt that Holiday when you felt the way that you feel right now!

You Feel Fantastic!

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Effect number: 1776
Description ID: b79638377565e23ebf70c2c85c3963b8
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Obtained From


  • When chatting with this effect, a turn of this effect is consumed and the entire chat message gets colored just like Holiday Hal's text is in the Swagger Shack.
  • The chat effect can be combined with that of Pirate Bellow, leaving the skulls black.
  • Using a chat command with the effect active uses up 1 turn of the effect, even though you didn't "say" anything.
  • This effect is wishable, for those who wish to celebrate alone.


  • The description of this effect, as well as its blue enchantment text, are a reference to the song "I Feel Fantastic" by Jonathan Coulton and its lyrics.