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This carefully-packed, perfectly rounded snowball was imported from the Frigid Northlands, where as you can imagine they know a thing or two about making snowballs.

Interestingly, the Northlanders use them for food rather than throwing; while they don't actually have any nutritive content, when you've gone without food for several days it helps to at least be able to pretend like you're eating something.

Type: usable
Selling Price: 5 Meat.

(In-game plural: snowballs)
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Item number: 4456
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Obtained From

Frosty the Snow Golem (Occurs with the Snowman Suit equipped)

When Used

When used:

You eat the snowball while performing the traditional Frigid Northlands meditation on the Aurora Borealis. (Because the Aurora Borealis is a nicer thing to think about than the fact that you're starving to death.)
MPYou gain 31-94 Mana Points.

When hurled at someone not in Ronin or Hardcore:

You hurl the snowball at <player>, hitting them right in the face! Pow!


That item cannot be used on a player in Ronin or Hardcore.

When struck:

That rotten jerk <player> plastered you in the face with a snowball! Grr! Also, Brr!
Sphererough.gifYou acquire an effect: B-b-brr!
(duration: 10 Adventures)


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