Sneaky Pete's Gate

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Sneaky Pete's Gate is located inside The Dungeoneers' Association. The gate unlocks if you possess a Sneaky Pete's key.

Behind the Gate of Sneaky Pete stands a statue of Sneaky Pete, the most Moxious of the Thieves of the Times of Old.

The statue holds a giant basket, with the words "IT PUTS THE MEAT IN THE BASKET" carved into the side of it.

If you insert 200 to 10,000*LVL meat:

The statue of Sneaky Pete winks at you. You feel Moxiousness well up within you. You gain N Smarm.

During an Avatar of Sneaky Pete run

The statue of Sneaky Pete winks as you approach.
If you have any Sneaky Pete skill points:
Head to the Dungeoneers' Association and learn some new Sneaky Pete skills!.
  • All of the Avatar of Sneaky Pete Skills that you do not yet have will be listed, and if you have any skill points, you will be able to choose a skill tree. When you do, you will receive the first skill in that tree that you do not have.
  • If you don't have a Sneaky Pete's key, you can still visit the gate by creating a top menu icon, or by using the /go Sneaky Pete's Gate chat command.


  • You are limited to a total of 10,000 Meat donated per level per day, to all statues combined.
  • A statue gives floor(Meat/200) number of die rolls, each of which gives 1-2 of the appropriate substat, with equal likelihood. This means per level, you have up to 50 rolls per day of 1-2 stat each, meaning that you can potentially get 50-100 mainstat per level.
  • This gate and its two counterparts are successors to the shrines of The Hall of The Legends of The Times of Old. They are currently within The Dungeoneers' Association.
  • Unlike an Avatar of Boris, an Avatar of Sneaky Pete cannot donate Meat for stats at his Legend's gate.