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You find a passageway leading deeper into Fear Man's level, but there's a catch -- several hundred catches, actually, and "catch" is my new word for snake.

Sorry to be so flippant about this, but it's either that or go completely insane. You have to walk through a passage filled with snakes.

Run through oh God oh God oh God.

You run, as fast as you can, hopping chaotically through the piles of snakes. You try not to think about the piles of snakes.

  • With less than 50? buffed moxie:

You make your best effort to run through the passage, but you're just not nimble enough to avoid the snakes. They're quicker than you expected, and you're slower than you dared hope. You get bitten again and again, first on your ankles, then higher and higher until you start to feel a coldness tightening around your neck.

You must've... the poison, it must've...

You black out for a second.

Must've slowed you down even more. You fell. Into the...

You black out for good.

HPYou lose all hit points.
  • With more than 50? buffed moxie:

After what seems like an eternity, you find yourself at the other end of the passage. Apparently you were nimble enough to make it without a single bite.

That you know of. Maybe one of them bit you and you didn't feel it. Maybe even now the poison is working its way toward your heart.

  • 300 buffed Moxie
Tie the snakes in a knot.

You're too cool for these snakes. You grab two of them, tie them together, and pull the knot tight until the snakes pop, leaving behind a glimmering pixel.

Flickerpixel.gifYou acquire an item: flickering pixel

No. No no no.

You're not going anywhere near those snakes.

Occurs at Fear Man's Level


  • The flickering pixel can only be collected once per account. The option will disappear in subsequent encounters.