Smoldering staff

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smoldering staff
smoldering staff

The combined qualities of asbestos and incense result in a staff that produces constant billowing clouds of smoke without ever burning itself out. This is great if you want to look all mysterious and supernatural, but not so much if you hate the smell of patchouli. And does anyone really like the smell of patchouli? No.

Type: weapon (2-handed staff)
Damage: 13 - 25
Muscle Required: 45
Selling Price: 130 Meat.

Mysticality +7
Moxie +5
+11 Damage to Stench Spells

(In-game plural: smoldering staves)
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Item number: 1732
Description ID: 480169596
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Club.gif dense meat stack asbestos ore  
Club.gif asbestos meat stack bigger stick  
Club.gif asbestos staff patchouli incense stick
Equals.gif smoldering staff


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