Smoked potsherd

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smoked potsherd
smoked potsherd

This is a fragment of pottery, blackened and strengthened via infusion with superheated volcanic ash. You could probably reconstruct some pretty sturdy stuff with these, given enough patience and superglue.

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: smoked potsherds)
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Item number: 4680
Description ID: 660789287
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Obtained From

Wad.gif volcanic ash unearthed potsherd
Equals.gif smoked potsherd

When Used

  • From inventory (single use):
Sp sherd.gif
You try to reconstruct something from the potsherd. You successfully reconstruct a potsherd. Maybe, y'know, try something a little more complicated next time.
  • Using 5:
Sp sherd.gif
You reconstruct a primitive yo-yo from the potsherds.
Sp yoyo.gifYou acquire an item: pottery yo-yo
  • Using 7:
Sp sherd.gif
You fashion a hat from the potsherds.
Sp hat.gifYou acquire an item: pottery hat
  • Using 8:
Sp sherd.gif
You join the club. The club for people who just reconstructed a club out of ancient potsherds.
Sp club.gifYou acquire an item: pottery club
  • Using 9:
Sp sherd.gif
You fashion a sterdy shield out of the potshurds.
Sp shield.gifYou acquire an item: pottery shield
  • Using 11:
Sp sherd.gif
You reconstruct a handsome pair of earthenware shorts.
Sp shorts.gifYou acquire an item: pottery training pants
  • Otherwise:
Sp sherd.gif
You can't figure out how to reconstruct anything from that quantity of potsherds.


It takes 27 smoked potsherds to make all pieces of the Smoked Pottery outfit, or 21 if you have access to zapping.


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