Smith, Black as Night

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Smith, Black as Night
Smith, Black as Night

The blacksmith's shop is pretty much what you'd expect -- posters of famous blacksmith pop stars on the walls, notebooks with little anvils doodled on every page, piles of dirty pink and purple leather aprons everywhere.

Oh and also an anvil and a forge and a bunch of tools and stuff.

Stoke the furnace
You pump the bellows until the fire in the furnace is roaring. The whole village seems less cool now. In a good way.

(No more Cold monsters will appear in the village)

Dig through the till
You dip into the blacksmith's cash drawer and make a withdrawal. The blacksmith, being long dead, is unlikely to miss it.
Dv krueggerand.gifYou acquire 5-6 Freddy Kruegerands

If 10 players have already looted this choice:

You check the blacksmith's cash drawer, but it's got nothing left in it but dust. Your clanmates are greedy!

With a hothammer in your inventory:

Approach the anvil
You pull out the hothammer and follow its lead to the blacksmith's anvil.

Fade from the blacksmith's
You exit forge left.

Occurs in Dreadsylvanian Village Square in Dreadsylvanian Village.


  • When Dreadsylvania launched, the "Stoke the furnace" choice gave incorrect text stating that Hot monsters had been banished. The Dreadsylvania log correctly stated that Cold monsters were banished. The noncombat text was fixed on an unknown date.