Smirking shrunken head

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smirking shrunken head
smirking shrunken head

This shrunken head has a glint in its eye and a smirk on its lips that makes you glad to not be the target of its sinister whispering.

Oh, did I mention it's alive and it talks? Yeah. It's creepy.

Type: off-hand item
Mysticality Required: 70
Selling Price: 180 Meat.

Deals Spooky Damage every round

(In-game plural: smirking shrunken heads)
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Item number: 6706
Description ID: 215791428
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Obtained From

The Hidden Apartment Building
pygmy shaman


  • During each round of combat the shrunken head will act:
  • Your shrunken head suddenly shrieks, "Oh my god there's a huge hairy spider on your shoulder!" Your opponent's reaction to this causes 4-5 points of whiplash damage.
  • Your shrunken head tells your opponent about a local breed of spider that likes to crawl in people's mouths while they sleep, and lay their eggs in the person's sinus cavity, and when the eggs hatch thousands of tiny spiders crawl all around in their sinuses and down their throat and out their mouth and nose. Your foe takes 4-5 points of horror damage.
  • Your shrunken head starts enumerating a list of all of your opponent's regrets and missed opportunities. Your opponent takes 4-5 points of damage from stuffing rocks in his ears.
  • You shine a flashlight under your shrunken head's chin, and it tells your opponent a scary story about a murderer with a hook, and a mirror, and a golden leg. It doesn't make much sense to you, but your foe takes 4-5 points of freak-out damage.
  • Your shrunken head says something to your opponent that you don't quite catch, but it must have been impressive, because he's now stabbing pencils in his eyes for some reason. (4-5 damage worth of stabbing, to be precise.)
  • Your shrunken head tells your opponent about a man who was possessed by a ghost, except it only possessed his skeleton, which clawed its way out of the man's flesh to free itself. "And that skeleton," the head concludes, "looked exactly like the one that's inside YOU right now!" Your opponent begins to cry, and takes 4-5 damage.
  • Your shrunken head reminds your opponent of something really embarrassing he did in high school, and he takes 4-5 points of damage from the violent cringing.
  • Your shrunken head explains exactly what actually happened to your opponent's puppy that went to live with a nice farm family when he was a child. Your foe takes 4-5 points of retroactive childhood trauma.

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