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Smacks are a special type of attack Seal Clubbers use to cleanse the kingdom of seals – or anything else, really. There are 4 different smacks that Seal Clubbers are able to learn from their guild trainer:

Furthermore, there are 2 skills that will improve Smacks:

Currently, five pieces of equipment influence Smacks:

Seal Clubbers who wear a club in their main hand will always be able to hit their opponents with Smack attacks.

The Iron Palm Technique will make swords count as clubs. (In most situations...)

Bonus Weapon Damage can enhance Smacks, making them a powerful way to one-shot enemies. This will be more effective for Seal Clubbers which get their bonus weapon damage multiplied for Thrust-Smacks, Lunging Thrust-Smacks and Northern Explosions. Other classes just get their actual weapon damage multiplied.


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