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What other skills are permitted?



Form of... horrible blob of slime! Seriously, your entire body has been turned into fleshy gelatinous ooze. It's disgusting. You're disgusting.


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Effect number: 679
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Obtained From


  • Allows access to the Main Hall.
  • Also lets you encounter the A Swag in Your Step Non-combat Adventure in the Convention Hall Lobby, while the lobby is still accessible.
  • Adventuring in Slimeform holds the same restrictions as Birdform: no combat items can be used while shapeshifted, and several combat skills are disabled. Attacking is flavored as "Slimeclub.gifattack with pseudopod", with the following hit message:
You punch your foe with a glistening pseudopod, dealing an unimpressive X damage. Your opponent looks a little grossed out. KAPOW! BIFF! BONK!
  • Some skills still appear in the skill list, but attempting to use them results in the following:
    You cannot use that skill while shapeshifted.
  • This effect changes the player's avatar to a male or female slime, respectively:
    Slimeform m.gif Slimeform f.gif
  • Attempting to adventure in The Slime Tube with this effect active does not cost an adventure and will display the following message:
    • "You wriggle your way up to the lip of the Slime Tube. A long dripping tentacle snakes out of the hole and wraps around you in a hug, then gives you a motherly pat on the head. You feel warm and comforted for a moment before the screaming heebie-jeebies kick in."
  • Likewise, attempting to adventure in The Sea with this effect active does not cost an adventure and will display the following message:
    • "It's really not a good idea to go swimming while in slimeform -- you might dissolve."
  • Also, attempting to go to A Boat results in the following message:
    • You start to ooze down the beach towards Earl, but sand gets in your... self. It feels really, really horrible and weird, like having an itchy mosquito bite on the lining of your stomach, and eurrrrrgh. You quickly move away from the beach and convulse for a while until you manage to get it all out.
  • The Pretentious Artist does not provide a tattoo for appearing in slimeform.


  • The first line of the description is a reference to the Wonder Twins, specifically to how Zan announced the activation of his power.