Slime convention swag bag

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slime convention swag bag
slime convention swag bag

This is a plastic bag filled with bits of paper and cheap promotional trinkets, given to you at the slime convention at your Nemesis' secret tropical island volcano lair convention center. You assume they gave it all to you in one bag to make it easier to throw away.

Type: usable

(In-game plural: slime convention swag bags)
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Obtained From

The Convention Hall Lobby
A Swag in Your Step (with Slimeform)

When Used

You dump out the swag bag, and unsurprisingly, find nothing particularly interesting or useful inside. Someday conventions will discover they can save time and trouble by simply throwing this stuff away for you, before you even arrive at the show.

Slimeflyers.gifYou acquire an item: slime convention flyers
Slimecoupons.gifYou acquire an item: slime convention coupons
Slimepin.gifYou acquire an item: slime convention pin
Slimetshirt.gifYou acquire an item: slime convention t-shirt


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