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In the course of the Sauceror Nemesis quest, you must cook various potions from vials of slime that drop from monsters at The Convention Hall Lobby.


Vials of slime belong to one of three color groups: primary colors, secondary colors, or tertiary colors. Each of the monsters at The Convention Hall Lobby drop vials of a specific primary color of slime (after the quest is complete, Earl at the boat will offer a random primary colored vial for 1 non-combat adventure each.) Each vial of secondary color slime is created by cooking two distinct primary color slimes together. Vials of tertiary color slime are created by cooking specific vials of primary color slime with vials of secondary color slime. The possible colors of slime available are as follows:

There is also a vial of brown slime, obtained by cooking together any slimes such that all three primary colors are among the base ingredients.

Cooking Rules

There are 91 possible slime recipes. The rules for combining slime colors are:

  1. A color mixed with itself will result in itself.
  2. Two different primary colors mixed with together will produce a secondary color.
  3. A secondary color mixed with one of its primary base colors will produce a tertiary color.
  4. A tertiary color mixed with the higher concentration primary color will result in itself.
  5. A tertiary color mixed with the lower concentration primary color will result in its base secondary color.
  6. A tertiary color mixed with its base secondary color will result in itself.
  7. Mixing two different tertiary colors whose base secondary colors are the same will result in that base secondary color.
  8. Introducing a third color by any means will result in brown.

Examples of these rules in practice:

  1. Yellow + Yellow = Yellow.
  2. Yellow + Red = Orange
  3. Orange + Yellow = Amber
  4. Amber + Yellow = Amber
  5. Amber + Red = Orange
  6. Amber + Orange = Amber
  7. Amber + Vermilion = Orange
  8. Amber + Blue = Brown

Recipes of each specific color of slime are listed on their individual item pages.

Slime Cooking Matrix

Primary colors
Secondary colors
Tertiary colors
red yellow blue orange green violet vermilion amber chartreuse teal purple indigo brown
red red
yellow orange yellow
blue violet green blue
orange vermilion amber brown orange
green brown chartreuse teal brown green
violet purple brown indigo brown brown violet
vermilion vermilion orange brown vermilion brown brown vermilion
amber orange amber brown amber brown brown orange amber
chartreuse brown chartreuse green brown chartreuse brown brown brown chartreuse
teal brown green teal brown teal brown brown brown green teal
purple purple brown violet brown brown purple brown brown brown brown purple
indigo violet brown indigo brown brown indigo brown brown brown brown violet indigo
brown brown brown brown brown brown brown brown brown brown brown brown brown brown


Within each color group, the effects of specific vials are randomized per ascension. Each vial will give a distinct one of the following effects for 15 adventures:

The vial of brown slime will always grant 5 adventures of A Little Bit Poisoned.


  • You must have Advanced Saucecrafting to cook slime potions.
  • Discovering all 91 combinations of slime potions nets you the Color Wheel of Yuck trophy.
  • One needs at least 6 red, 6 blue and 6 yellow slime potions to be certain to get the tertiary color that yields Slimeform.