Slice and Dice

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Slice and Dice
Slice and Dice

This trophy is earned by using a Stab Bat for 90%+ of combats within a single ascension.

Slice and Dice You're entitled to the "Slice and Dice" Trophy, for completing a 100% Stab Bat ascension.


  • Prior to NS13, this trophy was earned by players taking a Stab Bat with a base weight of 20 pounds through the astral gash. The former text was: You're entitled to the "Slice and Dice" Trophy, for having ascended with a 20-lb. Stab Bat.
  • The trophy maker's text says "100%", but 90%+ still unlocks the trophy.


  • The filename, "with_friends_like_these.gif", is part of a longer quote, "with friends like these, who needs enemies?", reflecting the rather questionable loyalty of the Stab Bat.
  • The name of the trophy, taken in context with the Stab Bat, is a reference to Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, in which "slice 'n dice" is a beloved catchphrase of the Mutants gang.