Sleeping Near the Enemy

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Sleeping Near the Enemy
Sleeping Near the Enemy

You stride confidently into the barracks, and find it empty. The lack of anything entertaining happening makes you bored, and the boredom makes you tired, so you decide to take a nap on one of the lousy, filthy straw mattresses.

You wake up about 20 minutes later feeling totally refreshed. Maybe that article you read about how much better your life will be if you start sleeping on lousy, filthy straw mattresses was right after all!

HPYou gain up to 50 hit points.
MPYou gain up to 50 Mana Points.

Occurs at the Cobb's Knob Barracks.


  • This adventure will restore as much HP and MP as you are missing, up to 50.


  • The adventure title refers to the expression "sleeping with the enemy".