Skull of the Bonerdagon

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skull of the Bonerdagon
skull of the Bonerdagon

This is the skull that was once attached to the neck of the bonerdagon. It's funny. It looks different now that it's detached.

(Meat Pasting component)
Type: off-hand item
Cannot be traded or discarded

+5 Spooky Damage

(In-game plural: skulls of the Bonerdagon)
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Item number: 675
Description ID: 163288797
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Obtained From

The Haert of the Cyrpt
Bonerdagon (one-time drop)
Donerbagon (one time drop, in Actually Ed the Undying)
Jerry Bradford (one time drop, in Pocket Familiars)




  • On a trivial update on August 14, 2014, this item was significantly changed:
    • The description was:
      This is the skull that was once attached to the neck of the bonerdagon. The Council would probably be interested in seeing this.
    • It was not a meat pasting ingredient.
    • It was a miscellaneous quest item, and as such, did not have any enchantment.
    • When you took the skull to the Council of Loathing, they would turn it into a dragonbone belt buckle.


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