Skid Row

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Were you looking for the Dreadsylvanian choice adventure The Even More Dreadful Part of Town?

Skid Row appears in Distant Woods when you use a grimstone mask and choose to become the wolf. You have 30 turns to bulk yourself up and evict as many pigs as you can.

The Inner Wolf GymUnleash Your Inner WolfIoty2014 wolf bg.gif
Inner Wolf Status:

Time Left: 30
Breath: 3/3
Offense: 10
Defense: 10
Rabbits: 0


  • Post-combat (and -noncombat) results in The Inner Wolf Gym will increase your Inner Wolf lung capacity (breath), offense, defense, and rabbits.
  • Unleash Your Inner Wolf takes 3 adventures regardless of how many houses you fight. You continue fighting houses until you run out of HP (your actual HP, not an Inner Wolf attribute). See Unleash Your Inner Wolf for specifics on blowing down houses.
  • If you have 4 or 5 turns of Inner Wolf time left, you will not be allowed to Unleash Your Inner Wolf. The game will tell you:
    You don't have time left to head in there more than once -- you should spend your last little bit of extra time getting ripped at the Inner Wolf Gym.
  • If you have 3 turns of Inner Wolf time left, you will not be allowed to adventure in The Inner Wolf Gym. You will get the message:
    You can feel the spirit of the wolf, and it's almost ready to leave you. You should head into Skid Row one last time for some final cleanup.


  • At the end of 30 turns you get:

Congratulations on doing your part to clean up Skid Row.

Wolfcologne.gifYou acquire an item: Outer Wolf™ cologne
  • With a score in the (all-time) top 80% of runs:

Wow! You did such a good job that you got a package from a secret admirer!

Bloodvial.gifYou acquire an item: lupine appetite hormones
or, with a score in the (all-time) top 90% of runs:

Wow! You did such a phenomenal job that you got a big package from a secret admirer!

Bloodvial.gifYou acquire 2 vials of lupine appetite hormones
  • Being in First Place on the Best Inner Wolves leaderboard at rollover rewards you with a wolf whistle, if you have not received one in the past. If First Place has already received a wolf whistle, Second Place will receive it, and so on.
  • The wolf whistle will be received in a message from Mother Goose, stating:
(player name),
Well done, dearie! Your performance was top notch! Please accept this gift -- a small token of a mother's pride.
Mother Goose
Wolfwhistle.gifYou acquire an item: wolf whistle


  • When this minigame was launched, most of the unorthodox staggering and attack-preventing equipment worked while fighting the houses. This was changed in a series of stealth bug fixes on unknown dates. According to one spading thread, many of these sources were fixed by February 20, 2014; and more were fixed by April 3, 2014.
    • As a result of all the runs that used now-patched mehods, the lupine appetite hormones are somewhat harder to get, compared with top 80% rewards from other fairy tales.