Skeletal Wizard

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Skeletal Wizard

Skeletal Wizard

You're being followed by a skeletal wizard. He doesn't seem any less magical than normal wizards -- I guess when that guy told Willow the magic was in his finger, he must've meant the bone part of the finger.

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Effect number: 1124
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  • Does 9-12 cold damage each round of combat:
    Frost forms on your skeletal wizard's fingerbones as he hurls a cold blast at your opponent for X damage.
    Frost briefly forms a wizardly beard on your wizard skeleton, as he hurls a blast of frigid air at your opponent for X damage.
    Icicles form in your skeletal wizard's eye sockets as he channels a blast of air as frigid as your mom at your opponent for X damage.
    Your skeletal wizard points a cold shoulder (well, clavicle/humerus joint, anyway) at your opponent, doing X damage.
    Your skeletal wizard raises his hand and fires a burst of frigid air at your opponent, dealing X damage, chilling him both to and from the bone.
  • Restores 5-6 MP at the end of combat.
    The skeletal wizard drains a little bit of the thaumosphere's magical energy and channels it into your body.
    The skeletal wizard makes a complicated hand-gesture, blue lightning arcing from his fingertips to yours.
    The skeletal wizard raises his staff and shoots a bolt of lightning at your head. Don't worry, though -- it's the awesome kind of lightning, not the dangerous kind.
    The skeletal wizard rubs his bony hand on his wizard cap, then shocks you.
    The skeletal wizard summons a bolt of lightning, conducts it through his body, and shoots it at you. It's kind of refreshing.
  • Certain combinations of this effect with other Skeleton effects are enhanced as follows:
    • Wizard + Warrior: Adds +5-6 Hot damage to Warrior's attack.
    • Wizard + Cleric: Adds 11 to Wizard's attack.
    • Wizard + Rogue: Adds +5 to Rogue's initial attack
    • Wizard + Buddy: +5 MP to Wizard's restore.


  • The description refers to a scene in Willow