Skeletal Rogue

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Skeletal Rogue

Skeletal Rogue

Skulking behind you, there is a black-robed skeleton wielding two razor-sharp knives. Don't fear this reaper, though -- he's on your side. For now.

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Effect number: 1125
Description ID: 8403081d183428a78c68adcde6fed4d3
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  • Does damage equal to 10% of the monster's HP (minimum 10 damage, maximum 1000) at the beginning of combat, before the first round.
    Your skeletal rogue ties your opponent's shoelaces together, making him fall for X damage.
    Your skeletal rogue vanishes into the darkness and emerges a few seconds later to deliver a vicious sneak attack to your opponent, dealing X damage.
    Your skeletal rogue sneaks up behind your opponent and trips him for X damage.
    Your skeletal rogue ducks under a cardboard box and sneaks over to your opponent, who is unfazed by a walking cardboard box, and completely surprised when it garrotes him for X damage.
    Your skeletal rogue vanishes into the darkness, then drops down from the ceiling onto your opponent for X damage.
  • Gives 15-20 meat at the end of combat; this effect applies even to enemies that do not drop any meat.
    The skeletal rogue reaches his bony finger behind your ear and comes back holding some meat.
    The skeletal rogue vanishes into the darkness, and returns with some meat on the point of his dagger.
    The skeletal rogue grabs some extra meat from a hidey-hole somewhere, and gives you some of it as a finder's fee.
    The skeletal rogue hands you a little purse full of meat, with a "shhh" finger where his lips would be if he had any.
    The skeletal rogue produces an egg, cracks it open with a little "watch this" flourish, and reveals it to be full of meat.
  • Certain combinations of this effect with other Skeleton effects are enhanced as follows:
    • Rogue + Warrior: Attacks again each subsequent round.
      Taking advantage of the distraction, your skeletal rogue stabs your opponent right in the back, dealing an additional 8-10 damage.
    • Rogue + Cleric: +10 to Rogue's bonus meat drop
    • Rogue + Wizard: Multiplies Rogue's initial attack by 1.5 (15% of monster's HP, minimum 15, maximum 1000)
      Your skeletal wizard pulls a vial of green liquid from... somewhere, and hands it to the rogue, who coats his blades with it.
    • Rogue + Buddy: +15 to Rogue's bonus meat drop
  • The start-of-combat damage works against your shadow.
    • The Rogue+Warrior per-round damage needs spading vs. your shadow.


  • "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" is a song by Blue Öyster Cult.
  • Hiding in a cardboard box to sneak through enemies is an ability used by the main characters in the Metal Gear Solid series.