Skeletal Buddy

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Skeletal Buddy

Skeletal Buddy

You've got a skeletal buddy, and he's got your back. Whether you need to teach your small-town relatives to open their minds, to show an unfrozen caveman how to fit in in this modern world, or to figure out how to get out of jury duty and into the army, he's your man.

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Effect number: 1126
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  • Delevels defense by 4-5 each round of combat.
    Your skeletal buddy delivers a stoned-sounding speech full of incomprehensible slang and weird pauses in the middle of wo . . . rds. Your foe looks confused.
    Your skeletal buddy tells a few lame jokes, then fakes its own death for comedic effect. Your opponent looks demoralized when it turns out the death was fake.
    Your skeletal buddy does his best impression of a weasel, confusing the bejeebus out of your opponent.
    Your skeletal buddy dons a dress and a fruit basket hat and does a ridiculous dance. Your opponent looks confused...
  • Gives +2 stats per fight (regardless of the number of Skeletal effects).
    You chuckle as your skeletal buddy regales you with tales of his time in the Army.
    You guffaw as your skeletal buddy tells you about the time he messed up a series of sensitive scientific experiments.
    You laugh heartily as your skeletal buddy does his weasel impression.
    You smile as your skeletal buddy tells you about the time he met an unfrozen caveman.
    Your skeletal buddy pats you on the back, as if to say "Good job, buuuuuuuuuddy."
  • Certain combinations of this effect with other Skeletal effects are enhanced as follows. (These interactions are not fully spaded yet.)
    • Buddy + Warrior: adds +5 to Warrior's debuff and +5 to Warrior's attack.
    • Buddy + Rogue: adds +15 to Rogue's bonus meat at end of combat.
    • Buddy + Cleric: adds +10 to Cleric's heal at end of combat.
    • Buddy + Wizard: makes the Wizard restore 10-11 MP.


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