Sizzling Weasel On a Stick

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Sizzling Weasel On a Stick
Sizzling Weasel On a Stick

You step up to a hobo, somewhat puzzlingly dressed in lederhosen, who is pushing a small cart. The sign on the cart says "Sizzling Weasel On a Stick".

"Are we talking about real weasels here?" you ask the hobo. "On real sticks?"

"Oh with certainty," he says. "And mustard!" He opens the little oven-compartment in the cart, and holds one out to you. It still has the fur on it.

"It is such a delicacy from my homeland!" he says, smiling.

Buy a sizzling weasel on a stick for 20 hobo nickels.

You pay the strange little man, who slathers the weasel with some kind of brownish-yellow sauce that is hopefully mustard, and hands it to you.

It's... surprisingly tasty, actually. Who knew?

AdventuresYou gain 60-80 Adventures.
You gain 200-400 Chutzpah.
(You gain 5 Fullness.)
  • If you are too full:
You're too full to eat a weasel right now.
You can't afford a weasel right now.

Yeah, or not.

You reject the proffered impaled mustelid as politely as possible, and ask the man for directions out of the marketplace.

Occurs at Hobopolis Town Square as a choice in the sub-adventure Food, Glorious Food.