Silver tongue charrrm bracelet

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silver tongue charrrm bracelet
silver tongue charrrm bracelet

This is a bracelet with a silver tongue charrrm on it. No, it's not a charrrm made out of silver, for you to put in your tongue -- it's a charrrm made in the shape of a silver tongue. If you put it through a tongue piercing, you'd probably get silver slivers, and "silver slivers" is really hard to say when you have a fresh tongue piercing.

Type: accessory
Mysticality Required: 80
Selling Price: 140 Meat.

Moxie +5
Spell Damage +10

NOTE: You may not equip more than one of these at a time.

(In-game plural: silver tongue charrrm bracelets)
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Item number: 2987
Description ID: 133863244
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Obtained From

silver tongue charrrm (With a charrrm bracelet in your inventory)

When Used

You disassemble the silver tongue charrrm bracelet.
Emptycb.gifYou acquire an item: charrrm bracelet
Tonguecharm.gifYou acquire an item: silver tongue charrrm

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