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What determines which action it executes?
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short calculator
short calculator

This is a calculator that's so short that it only has the bottom two rows of numbers on it.

Type: combat item
Selling Price: 115 Meat.


(In-game plural: short calculators)
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Obtained From

The Hidden Apartment Building
pygmy witch accountant
The Hidden Office Building
pygmy witch accountant
The Hidden Park
Where Does The Lone Ranger Take His Garbagester?

When Used

  • Sometimes in combat:
You type in some numbers at random and hit the = button.

The calculator beeps, displays -X, and begins to smoke. You toss it away before you burn yourself, and when you look back at your opponent, he seems much smaller than before. Weird.

  • Sometimes in combat:
You try to figure out a way to calculate how much damage it's going to take to win this fight, but you can't make heads or tails of this stupid calculator.

You hit a bunch of numbers at random, and all the calculator displays is EEEEEEEE. Frustrated, you put it back in your sack.

The calculator displays E!E!E!E! and then catches fire.
or very rarely,
The calculator displays E!E!E!E! and then explodes, leaving behind only a tiny charred electrical gizmo...
Sig transistor.gifYou acquire an item: overloaded short-pulse transistor


  • If the random numbers result occurs, the enemy takes X damage, where X is a value less than the enemy's current HP.
  • The item is not consumed if you get the EEEEEEEE message, nor is the turn.
  • Against a rampaging adding machine, the item does not do anything and is consumed. Rarely, it gives you an item upon use.
  • Does not work against Dreadsylvania monsters.


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