Shop Class (After School)

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Mr. Jenkins, the Shop Teacher Mr. Jenkins, the Shop Teacher

Ah, staying late after school, are we? Good on ya. I'm always glad to see a student take extra interest in the deciduous arts. If more of you little snot-nosed punks spent time in here making birdhouses and step-stools, you'd spend less time out on the street shoving booze-soaked wads of cotton up each others'--

It's good to see you take an interest, that's all I'm sayin'. Now, I see you've brought your own materials, so if you just pick something you'd like to make, I'll show you how to do it. Sound good?

Item: (click for description) Price:
Deathchucks.gif deathchucks Jigsaw blade.gif 4 Longscrew.gif 2 Balsa.gif 2 Scrapmetal.gif 1
Minibridge.gif miniature suspension bridge Longscrew.gif 4 Balsa.gif 4 Glueglob.gif 2 Surgicaltape.gif 1
Lunchstaff.gif Staff of the Lunch Lady Jigsaw blade.gif 2 Balsa.gif 6 Glueglob.gif 4
Birdhouse.gif world's most dangerous birdhouse Jigsaw blade.gif 4 Longscrew.gif 4 Balsa.gif 2 Glueglob.gif 2 Bigfirecracker.gif 2
You have:
Jigsaw blade.gif A jigsaw blades
Longscrew.gif B wood screws
Balsa.gif C balsa planks
Glueglob.gif D blobs of wood glue
Surgicaltape.gif E rolls of surgical tape
Scrapmetal.gif F heaps of scrap metal
Bigfirecracker.gif G illegal firecrackers

Use of the items
Item Use
Deathchucks.gif deathchucks Weapon and Banisher (single use)
Minibridge.gif miniature suspension bridge Provides 10 planks and fasteners for The Orc Chasm
Lunchstaff.gif Staff of the Lunch Lady Chefstaff comparable to Staff of the Soupbone
Birdhouse.gif world's most dangerous birdhouse Insta-kills non-boss enemies

Occurs as a choice in Saved by the Bell, with the Jamming with the Jocks intrinsic.


  • The universal key was removed as an option to make as a part of the January 2015 Naughty Sorceress tower revamp. It was able to replace a missing key at A Perplexing Door (the old version of the tower door). The recipe was as follows:
Item: (click for description) Price:
Unikey.gif universal key Jigsaw blade.gif 4 Longscrew.gif 4 Glueglob.gif 8 Surgicaltape.gif 1 Scrapmetal.gif 1