Shoot Ghost

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Shoot Ghost

Shoot Ghost

Type: Combat
MP Cost: 0

Blast a ghost with the ion cannon on your protonic accelerator pack.

Source: protonic accelerator pack
Price: N/A
Class: N/A
Level: N/A
Effect: Angers ghosts, and after three uses, allows the use of Trap Ghost
When Used:
First time:

You blast the ghost with some iono-nuclear energy from your protonic accelerator. <She> gets very angry.

Second time:

You blast the ghost again. <She> still looks angry, but <she> also looks weaker.

Third time:

You blast the ghost a third time. <She> begins flickering in and out of existence, clearly weakened almost to the point of complete disintegration.


  • Can only be used against Ghosts.
  • When used, Ghosts become enraged, automatically hitting every attack with damage based on your maximum HP. This effect persists even if you stop trying to shoot them. This damage is affected by Damage Reduction, Damage Absorption, and Elemental Resistance, as normal, if applicable.
    • Normal (non-protonic) ghosts will deal 30% of your max HP per attack, while protonic ghosts deal damage using the formula 0.05 * (monster ID - 1946) + 0.4, where The ghost of Oily McBindle deals 40% per hit, while The ghost of Jim Unfortunato will deal 100% of your max HP in damage without any DA.