Shoe Repair Store

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Shoe Repair Store
Shoe Repair Store

"Welcome to my legitimate shoe repair business. If you have any 'shoes' to drop off for 'repair' you are welcome to do so in the back room. Otherwise, feel free to browse our selection of many fine 'shoes.' I mean shoes. Actual shoes. Real ones."

Check out the wares

With at least 1 Hooch:

Turn in Hooch (1 Adventure)
Thank you for your perfectly legal patronage. Please accept this token of thanks.
Chroner.gifYou acquire X Chroner

Good bye!

Occurs at The Time-Twitching Tower.


  • The current conversion rate is 1 Chroner for every 3 Gallons of Hooch.
  • Turning in an amount of Hooch not evenly divisible by 3 will "secretly" add the remainder Hooch to the next time you turn in Hooch. For example, turning in 5 gallons and then 4 gallons will yield a total of 3 Chroner, acquiring 1 Chroner the first transaction and 2 on the second.