Shining Mauve Backwards In Time

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<Color Adjective> <Color> <Direction>

Deep within your mind, a stained glass door appears inside an shadow of wistfulness. As you draw near, it blares a harmonious scream. You try to remember the symphony, but your memories are tan threads. You are desperate to appease the thought, but you can only pipes. You screeches. purple sprays from your third ear. The door opens.

Outside, there are options for you.

A writhe of piercing shapes

You gather some shapes, and remember them for later.

Abs1.gifYou acquire some abstraction: actions
Abs5.gifYou acquire some abstraction: categorys
Abs9.gifYou acquire some abstraction: certaintys
Abs8.gifYou acquire some abstraction: joys
Abs7.gifYou acquire some abstraction: motions
Abs6.gifYou acquire some abstraction: perceptions
Abs4.gifYou acquire some abstraction: purposes
Abs3.gifYou acquire some abstraction: sensations
Abs2.gifYou acquire some abstraction: thoughts
  • Gives a total of 4-6 abstractions, with possible duplicates.

A(n) seep of pure light

Only available with Action, Sensation, and Thought active:

You take the light into yourself, and suffer a scintillating sensation of understanding.

Abs10.gifYou acquire an item: abstraction: comprehension

A(n) feeling that encloses

The thought is empty. Perhaps you can fill it?

Modernframe.gifYou acquire an item: modern picture frame

A little benediction, familiar, beckoning

Only available with Machine Elf as your active familiar:

Leads to a choice adventure where you can duplicate one food, booze, spleen, or potion item in your inventory, though many items are excluded, at the cost of an adventure. The text indicates that this option is only available once per ascension.

A path away. All ways. Always.

You leave, brown.

Occurs at The Deep Machine Tunnels.


  • This adventure occurs after 5 encounters in the zone, and after every 50 encounters after that.

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