Shen Copperhead, Nightclub Owner

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Shen Copperhead, Nightclub Owner
Shen Copperhead, Nightclub Owner

You find Shen surveying the room from his corner table, dressed in an immaculate tuxedo and flanked by two lean and whiplike bodyguards, who look much more intelligent than the typical mob bruiser. (Not that that's a high bar.)

"Mr. Copperhead?" you ask. "May I have a minute of your time?"

"Certainly, Mr. <PlayerName>. I'd be delighted." He favors you with a slight bow and an oily smile as he gestures to the chair in front of him.

"Just <PlayerName> will do, Mr. Copperhead," you say as you sit.

"Then please, call me Shen."

"And how did you know my name, Shen?"

"I know the names of everyone here. You would not have been permitted entry to my club otherwise," he replies, grinning.

"That doesn't answer my question."

"What is it that I can do for you, <PlayerName>?"

"I'm looking for the Copperhead Charms, and I have reason to believe that you have one of them."

"You are well-informed," Shen says. "And what would you do with it, if I were to give it to you? Why do you want it?"

"Er... it belongs in a museum?" you hazard.

"Nice try, <PlayerName>, but it was your father who was the great archaeologist. You are a mere adventurer."

"So that's how you knew my name! You knew my father?"

"By reputation only. My father and yours were, shall we say, acquaintances."

"And by 'acquaintances', do you mean 'rivals' or 'enemies'?"

Shen's lip twists into a sneer. "My father had no enemies. None who lasted long enough to be called such."

You resist the urge to roll your eyes. "Shen, this banter is fun and all, but let's cut to the chase."

He nods. "Yes, lets[sic]. I will give you my Copperhead Charm, but you must give me something in return. I want an artifact known only as <item>, hidden away for centuries in <location>. Find it, and bring it to me, and I will offer you the Copperhead Charm in trade. Agreed?"


"Excellent!" Shen says, and claps his hands to summon a waiter, who brings a glass of champagne for each of you. "Then let us toast to new business, and new acquaintances!"

You down the glass of champagne, which honestly tastes a little off, though you figure it'd be more polite to not say anything. Until, that is, one of Shen's bodyguards starts to snicker. Shen is grinning like a shark, and the other bodyguard busts out laughing at your nonplussed expression. "What's so funny?" you scowl.

"I have a new deal for you," Shen says with a malicious glitter in his eye. "How about you bring me the artifact I asked for, and instead of my Copperhead Charm, I'll give you the antidote to that poison you just drank!"

Scharm.gifYou acquire an intrinsic: Ancient Annoying Serpent Poison[[Data:{{{effect}}}]]

"What the--" you splutter. "You son of a--"

Shen laughs uproariously. "Got you pretty good, eh? Sucker!"

You push back your chair, preparing to dive across the table at that jerk, bodyguards be damned, but just then someone on the other side of the room pops a champagne cork, startling a particularly twitchy gangster. The gangster whips out a tommygun and mows down another gangster in a fit of berserk paranoia, and after that all hell breaks loose. Shen and his bodyguards disappear in the rampaging crowd, still laughing.

As Actually Ed the Undying, the opening text before hitting 'agreed' differs:

You hear a familiar "Pssst!" as you're preparing to enter the Copperhead Club, and look around the corner of the building to find Amun. "Hi, Amun. What's up?" you ask.

"We did a little checking into this Shen Copperhead guy, Boss. <PlayerName> was definitely through here recently, and beat the crap out of Shen for his Copperhead Charm. Fortunately, he has a spare."

"Great. So I just do the same thing, right?"

"Right. But, um..." Amun hesitates.

"But there's a catch, and I'm not going to like it."

"Yeah, Boss. See, <PlayerName> beat Shen so badly, the man has amnesia. He doesn't remember any of it happening."

"So?" you ask.

"So he's still expecting <PlayerName> to show up and try to get the Copperhead Charm from him, and he's not going to be willing to speak to anyone else about it."

"So? ...Oh."

"Fortunately," Amun says, holding up a rubber mask, "one of my agents is a master of disguise..."

You take the mask, disgust welling up inside you. "You have got to be kidding me."

"Yeah. Sorry Boss," Amun says. "I know it's really dumb, but it's the only way I could think of to make this crazy thing work."

With a sigh, you pull on the rubber mask. "We will never, ever speak of this again," you say in a muffled voice, as you head into the Copperhead Club.

"My lips are sealed, Boss."

Occurs at The Copperhead Club as a choice of Welcome to the Copperhead Club.



  • Previously, this was the introductory adventure to this zone. At an unknown date, Welcome to the Copperhead Club was added, and some of the introductory text was moved to that adventure instead.