Shen Copperhead, Huge Jerk

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Shen Copperhead, Huge Jerk
Shen Copperhead, Huge Jerk

You march across the floor of the Copperhead Club and toward Shen's table, brushing angrily past a waiter who seems to be trying to figure out how to get a broken ninja down from the rafters.

"Here's your friggin' artifact, jerkface," you say, throwing it at Shen. One of the bodyguards catches it and puts it away.

"Oh, don't be a poor sport, <PlayerName>," Shen says, smiling, as he tosses you another vial of antidote. "I was just playing with you, after all. Come on, have a seat. Drink your antidote, and we'll discuss the Copperhead Charm."

Sit down.

Wishing to hell that looks could kill, you sit down across from Shen, and drink the antidote he gave you. Once again, it proves to be the real deal.

Scharm.gifYou lose an intrinsic: Ancient Annoying Serpent Poison[[Data:{{{effect}}}]]

"There, you see?" he says. "All better. Honestly, it's like you adventurers can't even take a joke."

"Give me the Copperhead Charm, Shen," you growl. "I'm not putting up with any more of this crap."

"Okay, okay," he says, with a mollifying expression. "No more games. There's just one more thing I need to complete my little collection. Bring me <item>, hidden away for centuries in <location>, and I'll give you the Copperhead Charm. For real this time."

He claps his hands, and a waiter brings an unopened bottle of champagne and two glasses. Shen unwraps the bottle, pulls the cork, and fills the glasses, then pushes both glasses toward you. "Here you are," he says. "Both perfectly safe, I promise."

"Uh-uh," you say. "No way in hell."

"Oh, come on," Shen protests. "We have to have a drink to seal the deal. You don't really think I'm going to pull that trick three times in a row, do you?"

"Yes, absolutely," you say. You pull a flask out of your pocket and take a drink from that instead. Shen shrugs and drinks one of the glasses of champagne; one of his bodyguards takes the other.

"I'm sure this will be a profitable arrangement for the both of us," Shen smiles.

"And why don't I believe that?" you grumble.

Shen roars with laughter. "Maybe because I just poisoned you again! You are so stupid!"

Scharm.gifYou acquire an intrinsic: Ancient Annoying Serpent Poison[[Data:{{{effect}}}]]

"What the hell!" you protest. "I didn't drink your friggin' champagne! That was my own flask!"

Shen and his bodyguards are laughing so hard, tears are streaming down their faces. "That waiter you bumped into picked your pocket! He switched the flasks! Ha ha ha! Oh God, my sides are splitting!"

You storm out of the club, pausing only to grab your flask back from the waiter who is holding it out to you with a sheepish expression on his face, which you punch. He stumbles backward, arms windmilling, and crashes into a mobster's table. You don't bother to stay and witness the violent chain-reaction that results.

Occurs at The Copperhead Club