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Some special mechanics in the game can be obtained from multiple sources but limits on how often you can use them is mutually shared between them. This page lists these mechanics and their sources.


This is a special form of insta-kill that also guarantees all non-conditional items to drop. Each of the sources of disintegration gives you the Everything Looks Yellow effect which disables disintegration until it disappears. Unlike most other effects, Everything Looks Yellow disappears at rollover. The current sources are:

See yellow ray strategy for more detail.

Multi-use monster copying

Unlike the 4-d camera and A Fax Machine, which allow you to fight a copy of a monster once per day each and are on their own counters, there are some items that can be reused multiple times each day that are on a shared counter. Currently you can fight a combined total of 6 copies from these multi-use items each day, but each individual item only lets you fight a copy a maximum of 5 times per day by itself.

Wandering monster copies

Familiar-based skills that mark a monster and create wandering copies share the same counter. Only one of these may be used per day.

Free runaways

As of January 2024, many free run sources now use the Everything Looks Green shared counter. This includes, but is not limited to:

Free runaways from familiars

Free runaways that are sourced from familiars are on a shared counter. You can receive one free runaway for every 5 pounds of familiar weight.

Airsickness-inducing free runaways

Some items provide free runaways with a decreasing chance of success the more often you successfully use them. This chance of a runaway is shared between all of the items. Note that attempting to runaway while one of the familiars that grant runaways above is active will prevent the activation of this type of runaway, even if the familiar-based runaway fails.

The success rates are:

  • 100% until your 3rd success each day
  • 80% until your 6th success each day
  • 50% until your 9th success each day
  • 20% for the 10th and final runaway


Free combats

Free scaling combats that do not cost adventures are on a shared counter between certain familiars. The total number of free combats per day is capped at seven.

Ak'gyxoth gifts

Some items containing the power of Ak'gyxoth, the Tiki God of fruity tropical drinks, were fished out of the ocean and can summon up fruity girl drinks. Only one of these summons can be used per day across all of the items. This use does not prevent you from summoning Ak'gykoth at the Summoning Chamber.


Chocolates are consumables that grant a few extra adventures. Several types of chocolates are bound by shared daily counters.

See Chocolate Phenomenon for further information.