Shape of...Mole!

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Shape of...Mole!

Shape of...Mole!

You have the body and mind of a mole. Thankfully, it's just a regular mole, not a naked mole. Think how embarrassing that would be.

You're a Mole

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Effect number: 510
Description ID: aa5dbfa1d618e2f5b0e863cca3d03f1f
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Obtained From


You find yourself strangely drawn to Mt. Molehill, in the Big Mountains.
You don't want to disappoint the Llama -- you should probably experience this whole reincarnation thing to the fullest.


Local legend amongst moles is that the pygmy residents of the Hidden City revere moles as a delicacy. Probably not wise to mess around in here while you're so mole-like in appearance.


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