Shaking 4-d camera

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shaking 4-d camera
shaking 4-d camera

This camera has something inside it. And not gears and shutters and f-stops and stuff, like a regular camera has inside it -- something moving around. Something that wants to get out. Like maybe an angry %copymonster or something.

Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

(In-game plural: shaking 4-d cameras)
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Item number: 4170
Description ID: 399650416
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Obtained From

4-d camera

When Used

  • With no adventures left:
"You don't have time to develop a monster right now."
  • Upon clicking the [use] link, on the first use per day, this item starts a combat against the monster which was copied with the 4-d camera. The monster's usual pre-fight text is replaced with:
"You reach down to open up the camera, but before you can do so, it's ripped into bits as a full-sized <monster name> explodes out from inside it..."
  • Trying to use a second one in a day will produce the following message:
You get the sense that the monster in this camera isn't ready to be developed just yet. It'll probably be ready tomorrow. And no, you can't speed it up by blowing on it.
  • With a monster inside that can no longer be copied:
You try to open the camera, but it falls to pieces.


  • The combat consumes one adventure.
  • If you look at the item description, but no monster is currently copied in the camera, %copymonster is simply "monster".


  • The text for using the camera a second time refers to the belief that Polaroids develop faster when you blow on them.

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