Sh...a warma!

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Sh...a warma!
Sh...a warma!

There's a mercenary, or rather an ex-mercenary, lying in your path up ahead. I mean, it's not so much that he just stopped being a mercenary; he's actually dead.

You rifle his pockets and find a keycard with the words "SHAWARMA INITIATIVE" printed on it. Nifty! You've always wanted to try one of those!

Keycard.gifYou acquire an item: SHAWARMA Initiative Keycard

Occurs at The Mansion of Dr. Weirdeaux.



  • "SHAWARMA INITIATIVE" is a reference to the considerably less tasty Dharma Initiative from the TV show Lost.
  • The choice of Shawarma is a reference to the end of The Avengers, where in an after-credits scene, all the heroes are eating shawarma together (based on a suggestion that Tony Stark made earlier in the movie about having wanted to try it).