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sewing kit
sewing kit

This is a sewing kit made for repairing clothes, but considering the number of dangerous situations you put yourself in specifically to acquire new things to wear, your skin is more likely to need repairing than your clothes are.

Type: usable (once per day)
Cannot be traded or discarded

Restores up to 1,000 HP
(doesn't go away when used)

(In-game plural: sewing kits)
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Item number: 7300
Description ID: 386978970
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Obtained From

The Dungeoneer's Association Vending Machine (1 Fat loot token)

When Used

  • First time each day:
You sew up the worst of your wounds. In doing so, you come to realize why doctors usually anesthetize you before they do this kind of thing.
HPYou gain 1,000 hit points.
  • Subsequent times
You're not sure you can handle self-surgery so soon after the last time. Maybe by tomorrow.




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