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Monster ID 982
Locations Infernal Rackets Backstage
Hit Points 60
Attack 60
Defense 54
Initiative 50
Meat 24-36
Phylum demon
Elements hot
Resistance None
Monster Parts head, arm, leg, torso, tail, horn, wing
bus pass
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
serialbus You're fighting a serialbus

Even though his fellow demons -- the scholarly inkubus and the tragically inept suckubus -- are better known, the serialbus is one of the most deadly of Hey Deze's inhabitants. His tail ends in some kind of unholy receptacle, into which any number of devices can be plugged, all the better to torment the souls of the damned.

And also to warm a coffee cup, spin a little fan, or make a tiny plastic dog appear to hump something; really, the possibilities are endless.

Hit Message(s):

He plugs a miniature laser gun into his tail and shines it right in your eye. What a jerk! Ooh! Ouch!

He plugs a little foam dart gun into his tail, and uses it to shoot you right in the eye. Well, I guess the fun and games are done, then. Ouch! Oof!

He plugs a toaster into his tail and uses it to toast your <thigh>. Ooh! Eek! (hot damage)

He plugs an electric knife into his tail and slices you with it. Eek! Eek!

Critical Hit Message:

He plugs a hub into his tail, enabling him to simultaneously burn you with a lighter, cut you with an electric knife, and warm your hands with a hand warmer. Two out of three are pretty painful. Ouch! Eek!

Miss Message(s):

He plugs a miniature laser gun into his tail, but it doesn't have enough power to do any real damage.

He plugs a little electric vacuum cleaner into his tail and uses it to clean out his ears.

He plugs a toaster into his tail and makes himself a BLT.

He plugs a fan into his tail and cools himself off.

Fumble Message:

He stops attacking so he can charge his music player with his tail. (FUMBLE!)

After Combat

Meat.gifYou gain 24-36 Meat (average: 30, stdev: 2.83)*
Librarycard.gifYou acquire an item: bus pass (25% chance)*
You gain 15 <substat>.

Occurs in Infernal Rackets Backstage