Secret tropical island volcano lair map

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secret tropical island volcano lair map
secret tropical island volcano lair map

This nautical chart (which you acquired from an assassin sent after you by your Nemesis) depicts several miles of ocean off the eastern coast of Loathing. Prominently featured on the map is a skull-shaped island, labeled "Danger! Secret Tropical Island Volcano Lair".

This looks like the sort of thing the guys back at the guild would be interested in seeing. Not that they've been all that helpful so far.

Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

(In-game plural: secret tropical island volcano lair maps)
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Item number: 3291
Description ID: 844206887
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Obtained From

Nemesis Quest
Argarggagarg the Dire Hellseal
Safari Jack, Small-Game Hunter
Yakisoba the Executioner
Heimandatz, Nacho Golem
Jocko Homo
The Mariachi With No Name

When Used

You investigate the map, and notice a smaller, less confusing map in one of the margins. You follow that map to the eastern shore of the Kingdom, where you encounter a kindly sailor who explains the rest of the map to you, and also offers you the use of his boat (not pictured) to go back and forth between the mainland and Secret Tropical Island Volcano Lair Island.



  • On January 21, 2015, the map was changed to allow direct access to the Volcanic Island, without having to go through the O Cap'm, My Cap'm adventure first.