Second Toot Oriole Quest

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This page is here for historical interest only, see the Toot Oriole Quest for the current quest.

Oriole.gif Your first stop in the Kingdom can be found by visiting Mt. Noob.

  • The Council of Loathing: "Welcome, Adventurer. Your first order of business should be to complete the training offered by the Toot Oriole. He lives atop Mt. Noob, in the Big Mountains."
  • After a (somewhat) arduous journey up Mount Noob, you encounter the Toot Oriole, in his roost at the Mountain's peak.
    The Oriole speaks:


First Visit

Second Visit

  • Equip your class starting equipment (any equipment will do)
  • Cast your 1 MP starting class skill.

Third Visit

Fourth Visit

  • Adventure until you accumulate 40 Meat.

Fifth Visit

Sixth Visit

Seventh Visit

Eighth Visit

Ninth Visit

  • Get rewards for quest completion.


  1. bowl of oriole's nest soup
  2. fortune cookie
  3. Mt. Noob Pale Ale
  4. Certificate of Participation


First Visit

After a (somewhat) arduous trek to the top of Mt. Noob, you encounter a helpful-looking bird, perched atop the summit of the mountain.
"Hello, aspiring Adventurer! I am the Toot Oriole, and I'll be helping you learn the ropes here in the Kingdom.
First, let's talk about adventuring.
Each day, you're given a number of Adventures. If you look over there to the left, under the hourglass, you'll see how many you have left for today.
Throughout your travels, you'll encounter places with a (1) next to their names. This means you can spend an adventure to do something in that location.
See that cave down there at the base of the mountain? I've hidden a pile of shiny pebbles there.
Spend a few Adventures in there, and come back to me once you've found them."

Visiting again before finding the pebbles:

"Keep adventuring in Noob Cave until you find the pebbles I hid there, Adventurer!"

Second Visit

"You found the pebbles! Excellent!"
The Toot Oriole grabs the pile of pebbles from you, and hides them in his nest.
"While you were looking for the pebbles, I'm sure you noticed that you were acquiring stat points. That's how you get ahead here in the Kingdom -- get enough points, and your stats will increase. As your stats increase, you get more powerful!
Not every location in the Kingdom is as safe as Noob Cave, though. Some of them contain monsters you'll have to fight.
There's a nest of particularly fierce rabbits down at the base of Mt. Noob. Before you head down there, though, you'll want to prepare yourself for battle. If you click on the Inventory link up in the top menu, you'll be able to equip the items you started out with. They'll be in the 'equipment' section. Come back up here when you're done putting your gear on."

Visiting again before equipping:

"There's one more thing you can do to prepare yourself for combat. In the top menu, you'll see a 'skills' link. Skills use $classMP -- you can see how many of those you have left by looking over there to the left, under the MP symbol.
Go to your skills page now, and use the '$classbeginner' skill. Come back to me once you've done it."

$classMP depends on your primary stat: Mojo Points, Muscularity Points, or Mana Points; $classbeginner depends on your class: the free skill available immediately to each class.

Third Visit

"Welcome back, Adventurer! The skill you used has given you a temporary effect -- the number in parentheses next to it, over there in the left pane, tells you how many Adventures you can spend before the effect wears off.
Now that you're properly beefed up, you should go kill some bunnies in the Dire Warren. I'll show you how to get there.
Bring me back one of their livers, and I'll make you some soup!"

Visiting again before getting a liver:

"You need to fight some bunnies in the Dire Warren, and bring me back one of their livers. It'll be worth it! Tasty soup!"

Fourth Visit

"Ah, a rabbit liver. Just a moment."
The Oriole disappears behind a rock for a few moments, and emerges holding a steaming bowl of soup.
"Here you go."
Bowl.gifYou acquire an item: bowl of oriole's nest soup
"Eating food is a good way to get more Adventures. You can only eat so much in a day, though. You can eat this soup from the 'consumables' section of your inventory.
Oh, I almost forgot dessert! These cookies come from the Demon Market in Seaside Town if you ever want some more -- the fortunes inside them can be really useful for an aspiring Adventurer, so you might even want to save this one for later when you're having trouble figuring out how to proceed."
Fortune.gifYou acquire an item: fortune cookie
You probably also noticed that you got some Meat from those bunnies. Meat is the currency here in the Kingdom of Loathing. Go fight a few more of them, and come back once you've accumulated 40 Meat."

Visiting again before getting 40 meat:

"Keep fighting bunnies in the Dire Warren, Adventurer, until you've gathered some Meat. 40 ought to be enough for now."

Fifth Visit

"Now that you've got some Meat, you should go spend it. Go to Seaside Town (accessible from the top menu) and head into The Market. You can find it in Market Square. Buy some chewing gum on a string, and bring it back to me."

Visiting again before getting gum:

"You need to bring me some chewing gum on a string. You can buy it at The Market, in Market Square, in Seaside Town."

Sixth Visit

"Ah, good. While you were in Market Square, did you notice the Sewer? Go there, and use this gum to fish a worthless trinket out of it for me. Bring it back, and I'll show you a trick."

Visiting again before getting a trinket:

"Take that gum to the Sewer in Market Square, and fish me out a worthless trinket."

Seventh Visit

"Excellent. The Hermit, who lives near here, is a big fan of these things. Take this permit,"
Permit.gifYou acquire an item: hermit permit
"and go see him in The Hermitage. He'll trade you the trinket for any of the items he has.
Get me one of his golden twigs -- I need to spruce up my nest a little bit.
Be sure and pay attention to the other items he's got for trade. They'll be important later. You'll need a hermit permit each time you want to visit him -- you can buy more at the Market in Seaside Town."

Visiting again before getting a twig:

"Take the hermit permit and worthless trinket to the Hermitage, and get me a golden twig, Adventurer."

Eighth Visit

"Great! Just what I've been wanting!"
The Oriole plucks the twig from your fingers, and threads it into his nest.
"Beautiful! Now that you've done that, it's time to learn about Meat Paste. You can use Meat Paste to stick items together.
As it happens, I've just broken my favorite action figure. Here are the two pieces."
Bjornbody.gifYou acquire an item: action figure body
Bjornhead.gifYou acquire an item: action figure head
"Go to your inventory, and click on the link that says 'combine stuff' -- you'll need to make some Meat Paste, once you're in there. It takes 10 Meat to make a wad of it. Stick the parts of the action figure together, and come back with the finished product."

Visiting again before fixing Bjorn:

"You need to use the 'combine stuff' link in your inventory to paste my action figure back together, Adventurer."

Ninth Visit

"Hooray! Thank you, Adventurer! This calls for a celebration! Have a beer. I brewed it myself!"
Beerbottle.gifYou acquire an item: Mt. Noob Pale Ale
"Drinking booze is another good way of gaining Adventures. Be careful, though. Drink too much, and you'll have to wait until the next day before you can adventure properly.
Your training is now complete, Adventurer! Your next step should be to visit the Council of Loathing, in the center of Seaside Town. Good luck!"
"Whoops -- I almost forgot -- You've earned this:
Scroll2.gifYou acquire an item: Certificate of Participation
Hang it proudly at your campsite, Adventurer!"
(this is where you'd get the Certificate of Participation, but you've already got one.)

Visits Afterwards

"You're all done here! Now head to the Council of Loathing, in the center of Seaside Town. They'll tell you if there are any tasks required of enterprising Adventurers like yourself. Good luck!"


  • If you try to adventure anywhere in the kingdom, before the Toot Oriole tells you to, or you finish the tutorial, you receive the following message:
You should complete your training with the Toot Oriole before you adventure anywhere other than Mt. Noob.
  • The chance of getting a worthless trinket in the sewer is random.
  • Once you have ascended and returned to the Kingdom, you don't need to re-complete this Quest. However, it will appear in your Quest Log as incomplete until the second time you visit The Toot Oriole. (Collecting the Letter from King Ralph XI is the first visit.) It makes no difference whether you re-collect the pile of shiny pebbles or not.
  • This quest was changed on December 6, 2005. For the information on the original, see the Original Toot Oriole Quest.
  • This quest itself was changed again on October 5, 2010.
  • Until December 14, 2005, you had the option to go through the new Toot Oriole quest even if you had already completed it previously:
If you want to replay the new Toot Oriole content, you can click the link below to reset your tutorial flag. Please note that the Toot Oriole now takes 15 or 20 adventures to complete, and that you won't be able to adventure anywhere else until you're done with it.


  • Toot Oriole is a pun on the word tutorial. Get it?
  • The action figure part refers to children's habits of ripping toys' heads off.