Second Chest

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Confirmation of item list (Pick-o-matics from here still?).

Second Chest
Second Chest

In the 10th chamber of the Daily Dungeon, you come across another plain-looking treasure chest.

Open the chest

You open the treasure chest.

Keyring.gifYou acquire an item: skeleton key ring
Lockpicks.gifYou acquire an item: Pick-O-Matic lockpicks
Barbell.gifYou acquire an item: enchanted barbell
Pill.gifYou acquire an item: concentrated magicalness pill
Heart2.gifYou acquire an item: giant moxie weed
Regring.gifYou acquire an item: ring of half-assed regeneration
Macecan.gifYou acquire an item: can of maces

Go through the boring door

You go through the boring door, and discover a secret spiral staircase leading further down into the dungeon. Shortcut!

Ignore the chest

You ignore the chest and move deeper into the Daily Dungeon.

Occurs at The Daily Dungeon.


  • Go through the boring door is only shown when a Ring of Detect Boring Doors is equipped, and takes you to the room 13 test.
  • Ignore the chest leaves the adventure without spending a turn, and progresses the dungeon.