Sealhide snare

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sealhide snare
sealhide snare

This simple, yet sophisticated, bit of hunting gear consists of leather cords that entangle your prey's legs. It's also a hilarious gag at parties.

Type: combat item
Selling Price: 25 Meat.
Cannot be traded

Stuns your opponent for a few rounds

(In-game plural: sealhide snares)
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Item number: 4423
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Sealfiguran.gif 1 hellseal sinew 2 hellseal whiskers 2 hellseal claws
Equals.gif sealhide snare

When Used

You shout "Hey! What's that over there?" and quickly set a sealhide snare on the ground while your opponent is distracted.
  • On the next round of combat:
Leather cords whip around your opponent's legs as they step on your sealhide snare. <It> looks confused, then falls over, and then looks annoyed.
  • While monster is entangled:
<It> struggles to break free of the entangling leather cords of your snare.
  • When monster breaks free:
Your opponent finally breaks free of your snare, and they get to their feet, looking severely ticked.


  • Prevents an opponent from attacking for 2-3 rounds of combat.
  • The monster can attack during the round the snare is set up, as well as the round it breaks free.

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