Seal-brain elixir

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seal-brain elixir
seal-brain elixir

Nothing says "traditional home remedy" like ground-up seal claws and whiskers, added to the juicy squeezings of a freshly pulped seal brain. Ever wonder how native medicine-men ever managed to figure out these recipes? And how many they had to try before they happened to find the combination of random twigs and leftover butcher-block scrapings that actually did something useful?

Type: potion
Selling Price: 33 Meat.
Effect: Sealed Brain (20 Adventures)All Attributes +25%

(In-game plural: seal-brain elixirs)
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Item number: 4461
Description ID: 441670255
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Sealfiguran.gif 1 hellseal brain 2 hellseal whiskers 1 hellseal claw
Equals.gif seal-brain elixir

When Used

You drink the seal-brain elixir, hoping that seal brains taste like delicious candy. Unsurprisingly, they don't.
Realbrain.gifYou acquire an effect: Sealed Brain
(duration: 20 Adventures)


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