Sea salt crystal

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Though the item on this page is marked as a cooking ingredient, it does not currently have any recipes associated with it.
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sea salt crystal
sea salt crystal

See? Salt! A fist-sized crystal of purified sea salt, to be exact.

(Cooking ingredient)
Type: potion
Selling Price: 100 Meat.
Effect: Salty Dogs (5 Adventures)Makes you a better diver

(In-game plural: sea salt crystals)
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Item number: 3495
Description ID: 832935553
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Obtained From

Any equipment dropped, or crafted from drops, in The Sea
groupie bra (0-1)
Mermaid's purse (0-1)
Beach Comb / driftwood beach comb
Comb the Beach


When Used

If there's anything your time as an overworked diner waitress taught you, it's that salt is for feet. And greasy fried eggs, I guess, but mostly for feet. You apply the sea salt directly to yours.
Feet.gifYou acquire an effect: Salty Dogs
(duration: 5 Adventures)


  • 11 of these can be used to add Makes you a better diver to your pantogram pants.


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