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What is the deleveling amount, and how is it affected by lasso usage? How often does the lasso break? When does the adverb change?

sea lasso
sea lasso

This waterlogged lasso will make you feel just like Will Sasso. Just don't get it tangled up in any sargasso, because that'd make you look like a real asso.

Type: combat item
Selling Price: 66 Meat.

Allows underwater rooting and tooting

(In-game plural: sea lassos)
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Obtained From

The Coral Corral
sea cowboy

When Used

You try to lasso the seahorse, but it's moving too fast and you screw it all up. Looks like you're gonna need some more lasso practice before you can rope a dogie of this magnitude.
You try to lasso the seahorse, but it bites the rope in half. Dangit! There must be some way to calm this dogie down!
You try to lasso the horse, but you haven't subdued it quite enough yet. Have you tried more cowbell? I think you might need more cowbell.
  • Second use in the same combat:
You don't really have time to get another lasso ready for this particular dogie.
These lassos are really designed to be used underwater -- it wouldn't work very well on dry land.
  • Otherwise:
You twirl the lasso, and clumsily/carefully/deftly/expertly toss it over the dogie's head. You yank the rope and knock him down.
Monster AttackMonster attack power reduced by X
Monster DefenseMonster defense reduced by Y


Unfortunately, you yanked the lasso a little too hard, and it broke. Oh well.

Until you can toss it expertly:

You feel like you're getting better at this whole lasso thing.

With a sea cowboy hat equipped:

You toss your hat in the air (well, in the... slightly higher water) in celebration. Yee-haw!

With sea chaps equipped:

You slap yourself on the sea-chapped knee, feeling extra satisfied with yourself. Yippie-kiy-yay!


  • The lasso skill can be practiced in any undersea location at any time. It is not necessary to wait for The Coral Corral to be unlocked or to encounter a wild seahorse.
  • The amount of deleveling increases as you gain skill.
  • This item also staggers your opponent.
  • The adverb in the normal usage message changes as you gain more skill: clumsily, carefully, deftly, expertly.
  • It takes 20 uses to reach expert level.
  • Equipping a sea cowboy hat and/or sea chaps increases the amount of skill you gain from lassoing normal monsters by 1 each.
  • Lasso skill is reset upon ascension.
  • This item is only successfully usable once per combat.
  • This item is only consumed if the message about the lasso breaking appears.
  • When used on a thrice subdued wild seahorse:
    You finally manage to subdue the seahorse completely. It looks at you adoringly and nuzzles you.

    I shall name you "BlueberryFizzy", you say. "How do you like that?"

    Huh. You didn't know seahorses could arch their eyebrows.


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