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How exactly is the location of the stashbox determined?


The Sea Monkees Quest is the main storyline of undersea adventuring. You must search the zones of The Sea Floor to reunite the Sea Monkee family. Once they are rescued, they reside in The Sea Monkees' Castle.

Only the original six classes can complete this quest (e. g. no Avatars). The first two stages of the quest overlap with the quest An Old Guy and The Ocean.


Rescuing Little Brother

Rescuing Big Brother

Rescuing Grandpa

  • After rescuing Big Brother, Little Brother will ask you to find Grandpa. He will unlock a zone based on your class, without buying the required map from Big Brother.
  • There are 3 quest-specific noncombat adventures in each zone, and Grandpa will teach you the skill upon reaching the third one.

(The following two quest stages are done in the same area.)

Traversing the Intense Currents

Rescuing Grandma

(Note: You don't actually have to rescue Grandma if you have the Mer-kin disguise(s) built already. The stashbox can be found whether or not you rescued Grandma.)

Rescuing Mom (optional side quest)

Mer-kin Deepcity

Gladiator path


  • Visit the Mer-kin Colosseum and be denied entrance.
  • Boost +Combat% modifiers and adventure in the Mer-kin Gymnasium until you encounter Ators Gonna Ate and obtain all five pieces of equipment. If you already have the Gladiator disguise and the three weapons from a previous ascension, this zone can be skipped completely. Note that this non-combat cannot be forced via Sneakisol, Clara's Bell, Stench Jelly, etc. These effects give you infinite -combat% and will make this non-combat impossible to occur. If you have one of these effects active you must spend it elsewhere outside of the sea to allow this non-combat to occur.
  • Train with the Mer-kin dodgeball, Mer-kin dragnet and Mer-kin switchblade by landing Critical Hits on monsters (Underwater only). Every 5 critical hits teaches a skill. Land 15 critical hits with each weapon to learn all 3 skills for each weapon. While not required, it will make the fights much easier.


  • Craft the Mer-kin gladiator mask and Mer-kin gladiator tailpiece from Grandma. Equip the disguise and adventure in the Mer-kin Colosseum. (Note: Do not build the disguise until you have the components for both parts. You can't return to the Deepcity with half of a Crappy Mer-kin Disguise and half of a Mer-kin Gladiatorial Gear. If you get stuck, either visit Grandma to deconstruct your advanced mask into a crappy Mer-kin mask or make another crappy Mer-kin tailpiece.)
  • In the Colosseum, you must win 15 rounds of increasingly tougher combat. Each monster can use special attacks that will make fighting them conventionally much harder if you can't counter them. These special attacks can be countered by equipping one of the Mer-kin weapons and use a special skill based on the bolded word before they execute their special attack:
  • Note that with enough raw power you can ignore the puzzle and just fight them directly. due to modern power creep, it is now much easier to do so.
    • Their special attacks only take effect on round 2, so if you get the drop on them you have 2 rounds to kill them.
    • You can extend this for more than 2 rounds by having buffed HP sufficiently high to survive their specials.
    • For enemies whose special is self healing. You have to deal a lot more damage per hit than they heal to be viable.
    • For enemies whose special is to reflect damage back at you, when you see it coming heal yourself instead of attacking. Or use a low damage attack such as poking them with a seal tooth
    • You can buff your mys and then use very large myst spells like shrap
    • You can try using the mercenary pistol/rifle
    • Sealclubbers with sufficiently buffed Mus and Weapon Damage can just use lunging thrust smack
  • After 15 victories, you will gain access to the Mer-kin Temple to fight Shub-Jigguwatt.

Scholar path



  • Craft the Mer-kin scholar mask and Mer-kin scholar tailpiece from Grandma. Equip the disguise and adventure in the Mer-kin Library. (Note: Do not build the disguise until you have the components for both parts. You can't return to the Deepcity with half of a Crappy Mer-kin Disguise and half of a Mer-kin Scholar's Vestments. If you get stuck, either visit Grandma to deconstruct your advanced mask into a crappy Mer-kin mask or make another crappy Mer-kin tailpiece.)
  • At the Mer-kin Library, adventure until you find a Mer-kin dreadscroll. You will need to fill in 8 phrases to solve its puzzle. Each of the following actions reveals a specific phrase:
    • Use a Mer-kin healscroll in combat. Your Mer-kin vocabulary level affects the likelihood of a phrase being revealed on use.
    • Use a Mer-kin killscroll in combat. Your Mer-kin vocabulary level affects the likelihood of a phrase being revealed on use.
    • Obtain a Mer-kin worktea from a Mer-kin alphabetizer. Eat sushi, and the worktea will be consumed, revealing a phrase.
    • Obtain a Mer-kin knucklebone from a Mer-kin drifter and use it to reveal a phrase.
    • Use a Mer-kin darkbook to learn Deep Dark Visions (not necessary if the skill has been permed). You need at least 500 HP to cast it, and at least 9 Spooky resistance (8 for Mysticality classes) to survive the damage. If you do, one of the messages may contain a phrase.
    • Adventure in the Mer-kin Library until you encounter the Playing the Catalog Card non-combat adventure. Three of the choices here contain a phrase. Every 10% of Mer-kin vocabulary skill removes one non-phrase choice. At 0% skill there are thirteen choices, and at 100% only the three correct choices remain.
  • Fill in all 8 correct phrases in the dreadscroll to unlock the Mer-kin Temple and fight Yog-Urt.
    • If you have not obtained all 8 phrases, you can attempt to guess them. Each wrong guess costs you one turn and leaves you with 3n - 1 turns of Deep-Tainted Mind where n is the number of incorrect phrases. Deep-Tainted Mind is an unremoveable effect which gives -50% Mysticality and prevents you from using the dreadscroll again while it's active. Because there are only 4 possibilities for each phrase, guessing one or two phrases is relatively easy. The number of phrases you can guess is limited only by your willingness to burn off adventures between guesses.

Mer-kin Temple

If you completed the gladiator path, you will face Shub-Jigguwatt, Elder God of Violence.

  • Defeating Shub-Jigguwatt requires overpowering him with regular attacks. Before the fight, you will receive a debuff that dramatically increases MP costs for spells. In addition, he will remove all your MP and you will take damage based on 1/2 the MP lost. If you deal damage to him with anything other than a regular attack (including damage-dealing effects and familiar attacks) he will use a counter attack that deals increasingly heavier damage every time it's used. He has 3000 HP and 4000 Attack/Defense, and is resistant to all elemental damage.
  • Luckily, overpowering him is now almost trivial, since he lacks any resistance to large percentage delevelers. Use jam band bootleg, robin's egg, crayon shavings, electronics kit, and/or rattler rattle, possibly magnified by dark porquoise ring/Ruthless Efficiency, and squish him once he's (relatively) tiny.

If you completed the scholar path, you will face Yog-Urt, Elder Goddess of Hatred.

  • Before the fight, you will receive a debuff that limits your base stats to 30, and you will continuously take ~90% of your max HP in damage every turn. Attacking Yog-Urt (including damage-dealing effects and familiar attacks) with this debuff active will trigger an insta-kill counter attack. The debuff wears off after 8 rounds, minus 1 round for each Mer-kin prayerbeads equipped. After that, Yog-Urt is a significantly easier fight, with only 400 Attack/Defense.
  • To survive the debuff, you'll have to heal every round, but you can use each combat item only once in this fight. As such, you'll need a variety of different healing items.
  • Lower your max HP to the point where cheap healing items like red pixel potions can restore over 90% of your HP. See the Yog-Urt page for a list of healing items.
  • With 3 prayerbeads equipped, you only have to survive for 5 rounds, which means you need at least 5 different healing items to survive Yog-Urt.
  • Another strategy is to wear 2 prayerbeads and a Mer-kin gutgirdle. If you have a lot of passive max HP increasing skills (like Spirit of Ravioli), the gutgirdle can dramatically lower your max HP. This means you need to go 6 rounds before the debuff is gone, but you may be able to get by with cheaper consumables.
  • Also make sure that you have enough stats and combat ability to defeat Yog-Urt after the debuff ends. Your buffs will be restored to full effectiveness once the debuff wears out.

The Real Final Boss

  • Each Hateful Habiliment and Violent Vestments piece of the same slot can be meatsmithed together to create a Clothing of Loathing piece. You will need to clear both the gladiator and scholar path with all 6 classes (that's 12 ascensions worth of awesome).
  • Equip the 6 out of 7 Clothing of Loathing pieces and enter the Mer-kin Temple. This is a separate "third" path, and can be done without any other adventuring in the Deepcity. Notably, though, it cannot be done after you kill Shub-Jigguwatt or Yog-Urt, and you cannot kill either of those two bosses after killing the final boss.
  • Once you enter the Temple, you will face the real final boss.
    • Before the fight, all your buffs will be removed and you will receive an effect that basically reduces the turn limit to 12. The boss is resistant to 5/6 damage types, and which type of damage the boss is not resistant to in a given turn is determined by clues given out in the intro text. How exactly it works is given here and can be calculated on google docs. Once you figure out the boss's vulnerability, the 120 MP Hobopolis elemental spells with possibly Toynado, Shrap, and Volcanometeor Showeruption will be enough to defeat it within the 11-round limit.


Hat Weapon Off-hand Pants Accessory 1 Accessory 2 Accessory 3
Shubtat.gif Vio lens.gif
Lens of Violence
Vio knife.gif
Pigsticker of Violence
Vio brand.gif
Brand of Violence
Vio pants.gif
Jodhpurs of Violence
Vio boots.gif
Ass-Stompers of Violence
Vio buckle.gif
Novelty Belt Buckle of Violence
Yogtat.gif Hate lens.gif
Lens of Hatred
Hate staff.gif
Staff of Simmering Hatred
Hate stone.gif
Cold Stone of Hatred
Hate pants.gif
Pantaloons of Hatred
Hate slippers.gif
Fuzzy Slippers of Hatred
Hate girdle.gif
Girdle of Hatred
Loathetat.gif Loathe goggles.gif
Goggles of Loathing
Loathe snife.gif
Stick-Knife of Loathing
Loathe scepter.gif
Scepter of Loathing
Loathe jeans.gif
Jeans of Loathing
Loathe boots.gif
Treads of Loathing
Loathe belt.gif
Belt of Loathing
Loathe square.gif
Pocket Square of Loathing