Scintillating powder

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scintillating powder
scintillating powder

When a really interesting person disappears for a while, people often say that they've taken a scintillating powder. Well, not really. But they would, if they wanted to make kind of a weak joke about this stuff. It's some powder that seems to be really highly charged with psychokinetic energy (or PKE, if copyright violation is your thing.)

Type: usable
Selling Price: 400 Meat.
Cannot be traded

Only Pastamancers may use this item.

(In-game plural: scintillating powders)
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Item number: 3289
Description ID: 712356699
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Obtained From

The Haunted Kitchen
Nice Rack!

When Used

You hold the scintillating powder aloft and convert it into raw psychic energy, which $thrall consumes.


  • Increases your pasta thrall's experience by 10.

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Before the class revamp in 2013, this item summoned a Spice Ghost Pasta Guardian:

You concentrate on the powder, and soon you become the powder. So to speak. Your mind takes flight on powdery wings, attached in the middle by either a powdery torso or a powdery fuselage.

You fly above the world, and then you fly above above the world, and then you fly to a place next door to that place.

You sense another mind nearby, and you call out to it.

"Hello, another mind!" you shout. With your mind, so it's not really shouting.

"Hello, yourself." replies the mind (this, technically, is still a reply.)

"I think you left this behind," you think, indicating (with your mind) the powder that was once wings but is now somehow just powder again.

"I think you're right. Thank you. My name is <name>, and I am in your debt. Give me a call sometime. Oh, but you'll have to supply a body for me to inhabit if you want me to actually do anything for you in the physical world."

"Okay," you reply. "How do you feel about couscous?"


"Great!" you say, "Be seeing you soon!"

Using this item will sever your connection with <name>. Are you sure you want to do this?
  • Previously, Otherwise:
You have no idea what to do with this thing.


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