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Science Notebook
Science Notebook

A basic notebook. For doing science, basically.

Most monsters will be rather annoyed that you're experimenting on them, but what's more important: happy monsters? or science?

Type: off-hand item
Mysticality Required: 11
Cannot be traded or discarded

+10 to Monster Level
Allows you to collect data about Tentacles

(In-game plural: Science Notebooks)
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Item number: 9196
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Obtained From

When Used

  • When equipped while battling an Eldritch Tentacle:
    • Anecdata: When an Eldritch Tentacle has been killed, it smells awful.
    • Dear Science Notebook, Dead tentacles emanate horror.
    • Dr. Stuart will definitely want to know that the tentacle slowly withdrew back in to the fissure after you defeated it.
    • Even in death, the tentacle wriggles, but you grab hold and measure the circumference for your notebook.
    • Interesting, the tentacles are gross and slimy.
    • It appears that the tentacles have roughly 38 suckers per square meter.
    • Judging by the burning sensation, you believe that the tentacle ichor is highly acidic, and note this in your notebook.
    • Turns out, when you do enough damage to an Eldritch Tentacle, it dies. Science!
    • You note down that the tentacles make you feel icky. Scientifically icky.
    • You note what the disgusting innards of an Eldritch Tentacle look like in your science notebook.
    • You quickly jot down some notes about this fight.
  • When equipped while battling an Eldritch Tentacle in the second invasion:
    • On a scale of 1 to AHHHHHHH, you note down that the emanations from the tentacle rate an AHHHHHH.
    • The emanations around the tentacle are super creepy! Science!
    • The emanations around the tentacle's corpse fill you with a sense of impending dread. Dread Magnitude: 5.
    • The emanations around the tentacle's corpse fill you with a sense of impending dread. Dread Magnitude: 9.
    • You feel the emanations around the tentacle vibrating, like a plucked guitar string. F# on the low E-string, actually.
    • You note that the black goo dripping from the tentacle corpse also emanates fear and loathing. Also, longing.
    • You note that the eldritch emanations from the tentacle seem to lead in a certain direction.
    • You quickly jot down some notes about this fight.
  • With Eldritch Intellect, sometimes, one more data point is gained and the following message is added to the end of the observation:
Your Eldritch Intellect allows you to make your observation extra accurate.
  • As of January 31, 2017:
Dr. Stuart has all the data he needs.


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