School spirit socket set

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school spirit socket set
school spirit socket set

This is a socket set that's festooned with KoL High School's school colors: ebony and ivory. Your steam-powered cheerleader can use it to keep all of her bolts tightened, so less steam escapes. And to keep people from calling her "loose." Not that anyone would call a cheerleader that, ever.

Type: familiar equipment
Familiar: Steam-Powered Cheerleader
Selling Price: 75 Meat.

Keeps more steam in

(In-game plural: school spirit socket sets)
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Item number: 6660
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Obtained From

The Cake-Shaped Arena
Every 5th win with a Steam-Powered Cheerleader equipped
box of Familiar Jacks



  • The school colors in the description are a reference to the 1982 hit single "Ebony and Ivory", by Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder.
  • The mentioning of the color scheme also alludes to the fact that almost everything in the kingdom is black and white.


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