School of Hard Knocks Diploma

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School of Hard Knocks Diploma
School of Hard Knocks Diploma

This diploma certifies that you survived the school of hard knocks.

Cannot be traded or discarded

Brings up Enraging Memories

(In-game plural: School of Hard Knocks Diplomas)
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Item number: 9123
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Obtained From

The Swagger Shop (1,000 swagger) (You must earn 1,000 swagger during a school season to purchase this item.) (Only available during PvP Season 27, 33, 50 and 57)

When Used

  • First use each day:
You look at your pile of diplomas.
Your rage simmers as you think about how much effort you wasted on those stupid pieces of paper.


You gain X PvP Fights
  • Subsequent uses each day:
You're[sic] rage towards the School of Hard Knocks has grown impotent for the day.


  • Unlike other seasonal swagger rewards, this could be purchased multiple times. (Intentionally, that is.)
  • X is the number of School of Hard Knocks Diplomas you have, capped at 11, multiplied by 1.25, and then rounded randomly.
  • Diplomas can only be used once per day. So even if you buy extra diplomas after using yours for the day, it will still count for your daily use.


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6. PeacefulLamb - 12 | 7. Agburanar - 12 | 8. Donavin69 - 12 | 9. TwoHearted_Flail - 11 | 10. Swush - 11
Collection data courtesy of ePeterso2 and Jicken Wings