Sandwiched in the Club

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Sandwiched in the Club
Sandwiched in the Club

You run smack into a velvet rope stretched in front of one of the featureless doors out of the sleazy back alley, almost clotheslining yourself. "Hey, what's deal, here?" you ask an equally featureless doorman, who is standing by the rope with massive, bulging-biceped arms folded across an equally muscular chest.

"Sorry," he says. "Can't let you in. This is a very exclusive club."

"Yeah?" you say, and pick up a heavy piece of wood. "This is a very exclusive club, too. But I'm willing to make an exception for you, so what say you cut me a break?

The giant doorman leans forward slightly, picks you up by the club, then wrenches it out of your hand and breaks it over his knee. "What say I kick you into next week?" he replies, then, before you can say 'no thanks,' he does so.

Next week is pretty boring, and it takes you a while to find someone willing to kick you back into last week (which is a far more tricky procedure).

Watch.gifYou acquire an effect: Chronologically Pummeled
(duration: 10 Adventures)

Occurs at The Sleazy Back Alley (Bad Moon only).