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This is a carefully-constructed sandcastle, big enough to live in! It's got sand parapets, crenelated sand-walls, a sand drawbridge, and sand murder holes, for all of your sand murdering needs.

Type: usable
Selling Price: 300 Meat.

(In-game plural: sandcastles)
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Item number: 3127
Description ID: 445850699
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Asterisk.gif 100 sandfuls of hand
Asterisk.gif 20 bricks of sand
Equals.gif sandcastle

When Used

  • When constructing:
You carefully place the sandcastle at your campsite. Now you'll have a really nice place to sleep -- until the tide comes in, that is.
  • When you've already got a sandcastle at your campsite:
You've already got a sandcastle at your campsite.
  • When replacing:
Like a huge bully, you kick over your sandcastle.



  • Parapets are short defensive walls on the roof of a castle, crenellations are the notches in those walls for firing on attackers, drawbridges are movable bridges over moats or ditches around a castle, and murder-holes are ceiling holes fire on attackers from above, such as at an entrance gate.


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